COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #3


Nigerian polls 


Imperial College modeling on outcomes of allowing spread, flattening curve and active suppression.

Is India doing enough

Entire village on lockdown from infection via affair

How it takes over  

COVID-19 How to Use One Ventilator to Save Multiple Lives

Freelance writing       

Health workers hit harder

Italian lies, puts medical team at risk

Nigeria’s economy     

Nigeria northwest shuts schools

Aggressive testing in an Italian city halts spread


Divorce cases rise in China post quarantine

NSAIDS not safe . Is paracetamol safe or not? 

Social inequalities and poor medical infrastructure will make a country COVID19 hotbed  


COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #3

Lagos bans religious gathering more than 50 people  

Cash app donates       

Jack of Twitter           

NHS Drs want tests so they can go back to frontlines  

Taking microbiology seriously 

Ghana returns SA flight         

Not just cough

Can’t escape long calls 

Health workers

Las Vegas closing      

On critics of big donors         

Quarantine with no power

Handbook for kids     

There is no emergency in a pandemic

Purge alarm during quarantine

School kids at risk at airport

Nigeria gets a case through land border

Nysc innovation for handwashing

Travel bans

ICU in Nigeria

Death toll in UK        

Her mom

Burkina Faso VP       


Seasonal predictions are shaky

22year old shares experience 



SA disinfects taxis

Panic buying  

Locked up and Lonely by Akon

Guilt tripping Drs on strike

Account of infection  

Nhs staff given freebies

Religious Camps

Double venting

NCDC bill      

What distancing does

We are the virus


High school musical   

Soap war        

4 centres in Nigeria    




Health workers



Lagos closes schools  

Awareness in Igbo     


Nigeria 3rd case         


History Africa banning flights from Europe

A Doctor shares his experience with covid-19 infection  

Mental health

Revealing against the productive quarantine gang  

The poor

Kashmiris on lockdown         



Panic buying is haram

Police in China vs us

What has it ruined

Bidet sales soar


Weak and the effects

Compassion even with social distancing  

Western individualism  

Dr Chikwe asks for calm

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #2

UK Health minister appears not to super herd the immunity theory 

COVID-19 spread from January 23 through March 14th.

Sanitizer hoarder has nowhere to sell them


Coronavirus latest: at a glance

“Looming threat of COVID-19 infection in Africa: act collectively, and fast”      

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #2

Public health is important    

Idris Elba

How this puts the plight of refugees in perspective      

Nicolas Taleb in UK’s policy

The 1918 influenza epidemic hit Nigeria

Shakespeare wrote a book in the plague quarantine      

Omar Sulayman

Heartrending dismay by Uber driver on risk of infection      

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #1

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. myths Italy fake news India suspend visas

Why are there low cases in Africa      _#AnimatedInfographic_

COVID-19 Cases outside China: *23rd January to 10th March* an idiots guide to coronavirus Health minister UK tests positive for coronavirus

WHO Press Briefing on COVID19 now a pandemic.                   

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #1

25 March 2020

25th of March

What am I supposed to do?’: Covid-19 sparks mass unemployment across US

Death toll in Spain overtakes China

COVID-19: Ikeja Electric Closes Offices Partially to Safeguard Customers, Staff

Nigerian celebrity, Runtown gives donations

Receipt of Runtown’s money

Canada backs $57bn coronavirus relief bill

In darkness admist staying at home

LA County Sheriff allow gun store to remain open

Johns Hopkins: please take social distancing seriously to save lives

US Navy called in

UNHRC measures to keep refugees safe

Police shut down 15 schools, clubs and religious gatherings in Lagos for non compliance

Vatican decree for upcoming Easter celebration

Ontario confirms 100 new coronavirus cases in a day

Online gaming booms as virus lockdowns keep millions at home

Final year students to be put on NHS frontline to deal with coronavirus crisis

UN chief calls for global ceasefire to focus on ‘the true fight of our lives’

Economic recession expected in G20 countries amid COVID-19 outbreak

More than $200 milion received by WHO

Nigerians respond to news of top Government officials testing positive for Coronavirus

Testing Kits for Coronavius from the Jack ma foundation arrive Nigeria and head to Abuja.

Rwandan Police employ extreme measures to enforce lockdown

FDA approves it’s first rapid Coronavirus test

Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus

World renowned Chef dies after testing positive for Coronavirus

Risk of dying from COVID-19

Private hospitals will be made public

Angry italian mayors admonishing citizens disobeying self isolation order

NCDC calls citizen in self isolation

Young people are aware

Telemedicine regulations changed by a decade in two weeks

Don’t be silly

Nigeria’s Presidents spokesman complains about the coronavirus coverage in a chilling blast from the past

Family not taking any chances

Prince Charles

Nigerian Celeb giving out money

New symptoms

Refusing isolation, get charged with attempted murder

Text messaging


New York executive order

Response to racism


Visas extended

Repurposing elephant projects

Trigeminal neuralgia a new symptom

Dead at home

Reading Your Way to Wholesome Living

Reading will change your life

First Thursdays in March are World Book Days, set aside to promote literacy. Reading in many communities is majorly done for school but there’s more to it than that. It could be used for fun, growth, company, as a complement to healing, bonding, and fostering strong communities.

An avid reading lifestyle keeps the brain active and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It is an activity that increases your cognitive ability thus delaying the onset of memory loss as you age. The effects are more pronounced when it is a lifelong habit.

There are many more benefits a good book can add to your overall health. Have trouble sleeping? A book may be what you need. Reading a couple of chapters of a physical book regularly builds a pattern that improves the quality of your sleep. Ebooks are not included as they expose you to screen time just before bed which interferes with sleep.

In building your vocabulary, it helps you to gain better conversational skills. The wealth of experience you gain from being an avid reader flows into your social skills as you have more topics to discuss with others. This helps some people to build confidence and overcome anxiety in social gatherings.

Reading a couple of chapters of a physical book regularly builds a pattern that improves the quality of your sleep.

In this regard, book clubs are an excellent platform to meet new people from billionaires to authors to artisans. Creeds, tribes, races , nationalities joined by one spark- the love of books. It is one of the best chances humanity has at unity and peace.

In reducing the effects of stress, a good book helps you to bear the rigours of ill-health. This benefit can be unlocked just after about 10 minutes of reading. When I feel stressed about something, I find reading to be helpful in relieving the tension.

Other benefits include improved overall mental ability, increased attention span and an increase in empathy found among readers. Exposure to different scenarios in fiction, following characters through their journeys makes us understand that there are many perspectives to life based on different experiences. This makes us more welcoming and less judgmental. Looking to build a better world? Invest in libraries and book communities.

Children shown the wonders of the world with books are less likely to have time for disruptive activities. It is an activity that fosters cooperation rather than vicious competition among them. Their bonding improves, their language skills grow faster , they are able to communicate clearly and just being busy with this may make them less inclined to petty crime later on. Buy more books for them.

Now that you know reading makes you a healthier, smarter and better person, what book are you picking up next?

Dr Mariam Toye