True Love

This is a thought-provoking poem by a young writer named Tia
* * *

Love takes a long time to grow
True love is patient

Love has its conditions,circumstances and situations
True love is understanding

Love has its ups and downs
True love endures

Love is decisive
True love makes the right choices

Love is demanding
True love is selfless

Love is full of expectations
True love satisfies

Love has its bouts of betrayal and distrust
True love is forgiving

Love is special
True love is unique

Love is good
True love is the best

Love is affected by distance,dilemma and background
True love stands the test of time

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sometimes destiny doesn’t allow us to be with those we love.
But true love gives us the fortitude to let go and keep them in our hearts forever…

– Tia