TheRamadhanBaby- GOALS

It’s that time of the Hijrah calendar when resolutions are made and goals are set. In our zeal to revitalize our Iman, we mostly set goals that are hard to achieve leading to disappointment after thirty days elapse. While we know that no one is promised tomorrow and each day is an opportunity to do good and eschew evil, we should make consistent achievable steps.

For instance, aims of completing recitation of the Qur’an 5 times for someone who is not going to get free time from an already hectic schedule may be unrealistic.

A major cause of this results from copying others blindly. We are unique in our creation and each one of us has been bestowed with different capabilities. In general, it is advisable to draw up a plan for Sadaqah, Tararweeh, Tahajjud, Quran recitation, and various other acts of worship and try to adhere to it. If a day goes by and we have not met our target, the next day should be spent getting back on track.
One of my goals is to be a better person inside and out. This I find difficult sometimes as I find that some people only behave when you are nasty to them. However, this is not always needed and I replied people who try to upset me with a smile.

You bet it was a strain.

So this day, I was waiting in line for Lagbus. (I couldn’t trust my newfound inner calm with Lagos danfos) The perennial issue of change came up. And you guessed it was over10naira (if only Alvan Ikoku knew). She gave me a ticket and I was expecting my balance. She however refused to hand it over and made sure a bus filled up while commuters stood in line under the burning sun!

This auntie suddenly grabbed my ticket from my hand with so much force that I almost wished my thumb goodbye. Everyone then pleaded with her to forget the change and hand out tickets.

I said to myself, “I will not let your bad day affect me.”

I told her her that passengers of Lagbus commuters are respectable citizens who should not be mistreated, the leftover ‘standard’ of BRT she has to uphold.

At last, her partner attended to us and we got on. I found out that half the bus had received the same treatment from this cantankerous lady. She was probably frustrated and spoiling for a fight. I was grateful I didn’t take her seriously and cause a scene.

As the big red bus swayed Gulliver-like to our destination, I then reflected and asked myself if I would have reacted the same way outside of Ramadhan. Thus I realized my goal was not a joke . It required me being calm in testing situations all through the year.

I need to dedicate more time and effort towards achieving it.

(This reminded me of a woman whose life goal seemed to be to mangle my left tarsals but that’s for another day.)

Auntie Lagbus ticketer, thank you for giving me this story.


TheRamadhanBaby 2016/1437 -MARHABA

With joy did members of this Ummah in all the corners of Allah’s beautiful earth usher another Ramadhan. For it is yet another opportunity to draw closer to our Lord and strengthen our Iman. It was great to see most nations having unanimous agreement on the commencement of fasting and in shaa Allah this will continue. We pray to Allah to grant us goodness in this month and make it easy for us to make the best of it.

For those who just started fasting for one reason or the other, it’s not too late to use this time to draw up a template for the next year. Be sure to get medical, dietary and Deen advice this month.
Below are two hadith of the noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) enjoining us to partake of Sahur and Iftar.

“Eat some food before the fast begins, there is blessing in its partaking.”

“Whosoever fasts experiences two joys. He is joyful when he breaks his fast, and is joyful because of his fasting wen he meets his Lord.”
–Bukhari and Muslim

However, they should be a means of Ibadah and not an excuse to distend our stomachs. Part of the lessons of the month are to get acquainted with the daily life of those who do not have enough, do more to lighten their burdens and thank Allah for His Bounties.

Ramadhan Mubarak