COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #14


COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #14

Blame Capitalist Globalization not China for Pandemic

Immigrant doctors on the frontline of Britain’s COVID19 amidst Brexit and anti-immigrant affair

Lockdown alone cannot stop spread

Boris Johnson discharged from hospital but not returning to work

Boris Johnson appreciates his carers

False negative affecting testing

Droplets emitted by speaking in experiment published by New England Journal of Medicine

Saliva spray during speech could transmit virus

Google thanks delivery staff for COVID19 efforts

China must pay reparations over COVID19

G7 backs WHO leaving Trump isolated

America’s future             

Every western system was unprepared 

Floridians flock to beach amidst highest COVID19 death toll

Nurses suspended for refusing to treat patients without N95 masks

The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for a Vaccine?

Reduction in oxygen in lungs causing ‘sudden’ deaths

Refusing to treat where PPE is inadequate   

Back in February, Nigeria’s Ministry of Health blocked from procurement of COVID19 supplies

Coronavirus: Health ministry’s preparation suffers as Presidency blocks procurement

Blame Capitalist Globalization not China for Pandemic

Coronavirus: Germany says its outbreak is ‘under control’

Government ‘ignores’ UK textiles firms desperate to make PPE

WHO and Global Politics

South Korea’s New Coronavirus Twist: Recovered Patients Test Positive Again

How doctors can keep families safe after caring for COVID19 patients

*COVID-19: Doctors and Nurses in the UK have been asked to re-use their gowns or treat patients without the use of PPEs this weekend, as UK hospitals are set to run of PPEs in the next few hours. Fresh supplies will be procured next week.*

Coronavirus destroys the Myth of the Deficit

Africa lockdown

Face mask use  

Face mask advice            


On becoming a #COVID19 survivor and advocate.     

Kidney disease, overlooked aspect of COVID19  

Knowing your limits in a pandemic          

How does the virus kill

Seattle Coronavirus Study           

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #13

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #13

Droplets emitted by speaking in experiment published by New England Journal of Medicine

Saliva spray during speech could transmit virus

Google thanks delivery staff for COVID19 efforts

China must pay reparations over COVID19

G7 backs WHO leaving Trump isolated

14 ways to protect your mental health

Bill Gates funding vaccines  

Rice dispensing ATM

South Dakota’s governor resisted ordering people to stay home. Now it has one of the nation’s largest coronavirus hot spots.

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #12


COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #12

Apple and Google Partner on COVID19 contact tracing

Pregnant in the Coronavirus Epi-centre

Coronavirus: Easter Sunday under lockdown captured in pictures

Thousands of Indian seafarers stranded due to coronavirus curbs

Interview: Carlo Ratti on Architecture that Fights COVID-19

Goodies star Brooke-Taylor dies with coronavirus    

UK deaths were preventable.

Boris Johnson leaves hospital as he continues recovery from coronavirus

99-year-old WWII veteran who survived coronavirus gets guard of honour from nurses

The burden of Covid-19 falls on those from poorer backgrounds in the UK

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #11

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #11

Coronavirus: Lagos health workers get N5bn insurance cover     

How likely are you to die of Coronavirus?             

Coronavirus: PM admitted to hospital over virus symptoms.

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for tests

COVID-19 and the Conspiracy Theories

Police Demote Officer for Assaulting Medical Doctor

Gap Inc. is using its factories to make masks, gowns and scrubs for health workers

36-year-old dies of coronavirus in Lagos

Coronavirus – South Sudan: COVID-19 case confirmed in South Sudan

Spain coronavirus deaths fall third day in a row

Covid-19: FG to set up N500 billion intervention fund to upgrade healthcare sector

Inside a Coronavirus Quarantine Unit at Rikers

Covid-19: how a virus is turning the world upside down

The FDA Reversed Itself and Has Now Approved KN95 Masks for Emergency Use

Coronavirus crisis may deny 9.5 million women access to family planning

Lagos may extend lockdown, says Governor Sanwo-Olu 

CDC recommends people wear cloth masks to block the spread of COVID-19

Peloton won’t stop live classes amid NYC lockdown, and now an employee has tested positive for COVID-19 

“Adrenaline, Duty, and Fear”: Inside a New York Hospital Taking on the Coronavirus

Libya: Coronavirus outbreak could be ‘catastrophic’ for migrants

Coronavirus: Why do more people keep dying in the UK?

Racism row as French doctors suggest virus vaccine test in Africa

Belly dancers to florists: Six African coronavirus heroes

South Africa’s ruthlessly efficient fight against coronavirus   

Wearing a coronavirus facemask isn’t about you

COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #10

COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #10

EXCLUSIVE: Lagos records first COVID-19 death as infected renal patient dies at LUTH

He collapsed in his bathroom from ​Covid-19​. His daughter blames the UK government for his death

Trial drug can significantly block early stages of COVID-19 in engineered human tissues

COVID-19 update by Governor Sanwo-Olu: 4 patients recover

In a Pandemic, Do Doctors Still Have a Duty to Treat?

At the Frontline of COVID-19 Response: The Laboratory

New Research Advocates for Chest CT in COVID-19 Diagnosis

COVID-19: Could TB vaccine offer protection?

How humidity may affect COVID-19 outcome,-viral-sp

YouTube profits from videos promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments

Chris Cuomo shares covid-19 experience: ‘The beast comes at night’

College student sews face masks designed for the deaf and hard of hearing community

WWII veteran recovers from coronavirus just in time for 104th birthday: “I made it”

Jay-Z and Meek Mill’s organization is sending 100,000 surgical masks to jails and prisons

Billions of people are under coronavirus lockdowns – and now the upper crust of the Earth is shaking less      

Women are using code words at pharmacies to escape domestic violence during lockdown

List of free online resources to cope with COVID19 in Ireland

Germany donates €5.5m to Nigeria amid COVID-19 pandemic     

Trapped by Coronavirus, Nigeria’s Elite Faces Squalid Hospitals

UK: Boy, 13, dies of coronavirus ‘without any family close by’

The unusual ways countries are managing lockdown

Better than nothing’: Thailand touts DIY cloth masks amid coronavirus shortage

You can smell the fear’: Norfolk doctor on the coronavirus battle facing the NHS

What will coronavirus do to one of Africa’s largest slums

Coronavirus: Burton consultant Amged El-Hawrani dies

Lockdown in Nigeria: Markets to open between 10am and 2pm

Why Osun coronavirus cases increased