COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #3

Lagos bans religious gathering more than 50 people  

Cash app donates       

Jack of Twitter           

NHS Drs want tests so they can go back to frontlines  

Taking microbiology seriously 

Ghana returns SA flight         

Not just cough

Can’t escape long calls 

Health workers

Las Vegas closing      

On critics of big donors         

Quarantine with no power

Handbook for kids     

There is no emergency in a pandemic

Purge alarm during quarantine

School kids at risk at airport

Nigeria gets a case through land border

Nysc innovation for handwashing

Travel bans

ICU in Nigeria

Death toll in UK        

Her mom

Burkina Faso VP       


Seasonal predictions are shaky

22year old shares experience 



SA disinfects taxis

Panic buying  

Locked up and Lonely by Akon

Guilt tripping Drs on strike

Account of infection  

Nhs staff given freebies

Religious Camps

Double venting

NCDC bill      

What distancing does

We are the virus


High school musical   

Soap war        

4 centres in Nigeria    




Health workers



Lagos closes schools  

Awareness in Igbo     


Nigeria 3rd case         


History Africa banning flights from Europe

A Doctor shares his experience with covid-19 infection  

Mental health

Revealing against the productive quarantine gang  

The poor

Kashmiris on lockdown         



Panic buying is haram

Police in China vs us

What has it ruined

Bidet sales soar


Weak and the effects

Compassion even with social distancing  

Western individualism  

Dr Chikwe asks for calm

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