Ten Signs A Book is Your Favourite

It’s Friday! As you go to the masjid and go about worship, pray for peace, love and an end to hate everywhere. Commit to making this world a better place.

And please don’t forget to hydrate to stay fine in this warm temperature.

These are signs that about is your favourite.

1. You have more than one copy, these may include different translations.
2. You read it everyday.
3. You keep it in a special place on your shelf.
4. You have recommended and bought it for others.
5. You quote from it frequently.
6. You are familiar with the words and these in it.
7. You are heavily influenced by it.
8. You probably loved it from an early age.
9. You have a miniature version to carry around.
10. You smile just by thinking of it.
Fact: the word ‘book’ occurs more than 300 times in the Qur’an (my favourite book of all. 🙂

What is your favourite book?

With Love,