Let’s talk about Haemophilia

Haemophilia is a rare disorder that makes it difficult for the body to stop bleeding. It is caused by a lack of certain proteins that help the blood to clot. This condition is usually inherited, meaning it is passed down from parents to their children. While it affects mostly males, females can also be carriers of the gene.

Symptoms of haemophilia can vary, and they can range from mild to severe. People with haemophilia may experience bleeding after an injury, or they may have bleeding that happens without any reason. In more severe cases, bleeding can happen inside the body and cause pain, swelling, and limited movement.

There is no cure for haemophilia, but it can be managed with proper treatment. Treatment involves replacing the missing clotting proteins, which can be done with injections or infusions. People with haemophilia also need to take steps to prevent bleeding episodes, such as avoiding activities that could cause injury and using soft-bristled toothbrushes. With proper care, people with haemophilia can live full and active lives.


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