Save Funmilayo Lawal

Funmilayo Lawal, a law student of the University of Lagos has a malignant sarcoma on her arm.

A surgery is required to save her life.This costs 4 million naira. Please send your donations to

GTB account number-0002855164.

Account name-Funmilayo Lawal.

A little amount from all of us will go a long way.

Thank you very much.

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We stayed off nourishment from dawn to dusk

Our breaths were dearer to Allah than the scent of musk

Hours we spent poring over the Qur’an

Will draw us closer to earning his Ridwaan


Ditching sleep for Tahajjud was no easy task

A myriad of favours from Him we had to ask

Long into the night we stood for Tarawih

All round the day we generously observed Nawafil


The times we turned our minds away from food

Have done our perseverance a lot of good

And for the scorching days of thirst

We get to enter through the gate of Raihan first


As we scooped handfuls of staple for Zakatul Fitr

Did we promise to keep our daily Witr

Across the world believers rejoice in Eid

How pleasant it feels to follow a wonderful creed

Laylatul Qadr

It’s time to spot the night

Whose majesty will fill our souls with light

Utilizing it wisely will bring delight

And set the course of our lives aright

Our Ibaadah must soar to greater heights

Sinful deeds take off on a flight

We pray Allah lifts all our plights

For we exist only by His Power and Might

Brothers and sisters, sit tight

While we watch our world glow bright

This month, only the mind with insight

Will not give in to needless fright

That day when we behold His Sight

We wouldn’t be anything but alright


Alhamdulillah, the past 23 days have been wonderful. I’ve been too busy experiencing Ramadhan to actually write about it. Waking up early each day for Tahajjud, Sahur,the self restraint, increased awareness about the deen, Iftar at the mosque, Tarawih- all have been a rewarding experience.

I am naturally biased towards this month because I’m a Ramadhan baby. It is   a blessing from ALLAH and I wish it didn’t pass so quickly.

There’s so much to say about Ramadhan 1433 A.H and in shaa Allah I’d get around to giving a good summary later.

I urge you all to make maximum use of the remaining days and sincerely hope to meet the Night of Majesty. ( Laylatul Qadr) It is better than a thousand months without it.

Salam alaykum!

I’ve missed my blog

It’s been about three months since i put anything up. Many of you might have wondered whether I had lost the will or my spring of ideas stopped gushing. Well, it was due to none of that. I must say that it hurt not to be able to project my feelings and views about happenings around me. And my, a lot of things have transpired in my own niche of existence, in Nigeria, in health, the lives of women and children and also in  Islam. Let’s just say the globe is revolving at an alarming speed and trying to catch up with it has many times left me breathless.

In addition, the stress of a medic’s life caught up with me. So much schoolwork kept me away from many activities and interests. But now, a balance has been struck and I would henceforth give adequate attention to many other things asides academics.

Internet access has also been a major bane with WordPress for Blackberry acting up big time. WordPress for iPhone provided little succour. The wireless connection on campus has, as expected, been nothing to write home about.

Inspite of these challenges, I want nothing more than to continue this with more zeal than I started off with.