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Run in Someone’s Veins

What would our world be like if we all donated blood instead of shedding it? If we all decided to help our fellow human instead of hurting them? How will it be if we all did our best to save a life instead of devaluing or taking it?

We are inundated by the second with reports of mindless ways in which men, women and children like us are being killed, maimed or otherwise damaged for life. It thus gladdens the heart when we find concerted efforts to save lives. We realize that while some choose to destroy, others preserve life- the sanctity of which can not be fully expressed.

Blood is very essential in saving lives as science has still not found a complete substitute for it. It is used in the treatment of many who are sick, involved in car crashes, wars and other conditions that lead to life-threatening blood loss. A single pint of blood (half a litre/50cl) can save more than one person.

How would you like to run in someone’s veins? How would you like to be part of someone’s good health for life? Your blood cells multiplying exponentially and contributing to their vitality?

According to studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, blood donors are 88% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 33% less likely to suffer any type of cardiovascular event.

When you come around today to give blood, you will receive a life saver certificate with which you can receive blood whenever you need it. You also get to know your hepatitis status,blood group,genotype and HIV status(optional)

If you reside in Lagos or its surrounding suburbs, please try and make it to the blood donation exercise today Wednesday, the 26th of August, 2015 at
•New Great Hall, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Surulere, Lagos.
•New Hall, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos.

Be a part of West Africa’s single largest blood donation exercise. Be a lifesaver.


* * * * *
This Blood Donation exercise is part of the Annual Islam Propagation Week, a ten-day programme organized by the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, CMUL/LUTH branch. (College of Medicine of the University of Lagos/Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in conjunction with the Haematology Department of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

Yoruba can rhyme!

Ki o to dale
Mo maa lo sisale
Lati pon mi kale
Okan mi yoo si bale

BTS over

Some have read and some have not

None wants to be the failure of the lot

Through boring classes and postings did we fervently jot

To study is rough and the pass race is hot

Let’s cross our t’s and crown i’s with dots

Dear peeps,go crush BTS with all you’ve got!

Today’s Quote

“Words of the wise are seldom said twice.”


Hope is a cool spring

Washes your heart till it gleams

Worry is a fiery ring

That consumes all your dreams

20 Facts to a Score

FACT  18
I love my family.

There is so much and nothing to say about them. I can not write enough about my family in this post. On the other hand, why I love them is simple enough, I don’t have to explain.

My family has always been a sturdy pillar of support. My siblings and parents have always believed in me. Much of what I am today is through their encouragement and gentle nudges. 

Not one of  them gets tired of nursing me when I’m sick. Sharing joys and sorrows, we have been through ups and downs together. Being candid is a second skin. What matters is the correction and not whether you like it.

Everyone  is treated on a basis of equality, fairness andjustice. I joke sometimes that my family has a lot to teach the world about democracy.

When I come home I am welcomed with smiles. It might take a while to realize  something untoward in the offing. We pull through thick and thin by sticking together. My family is the greatest gift in the world to me.

What we hold dear is our faith in God.

20 Facts to a Score

I hardly sleep.

I can’t fathom the root cause of this. If what scientists say about adequate sleep being tangential to high level of intelligence, I would be a retard.

I humour myself with the thought that I can manage to sleep half as much as most people do and still cope. 

Watching movies late into the night and struggling to finish a particular book robbed me of my sleep. Sometimes 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough. There is so much to do in so little time. 

Frankly speaking, insomnia is a serious medical condition. There is difficulty staying or falling asleep. Please if you notice disorders in your sleep pattern, it is time to see a therapist. Getting hooked on sedatives is not going to solve the problem.

Inadequate sleep time is related to poor performance in school or at work. It also wreaks havoc on attention span and retentive memory.

As much as I would like to reiterate the recommended 8hour sleep, I also know  the reality for students who think they have to study all night, workers who face heavy traffic while working late shifts, nursing mothers with babies that cry at night, doctors and other health workers who ditch sleep in emergencies and many others in the society.

All I would say is ‘Sleep as much as you can, when you can’.

20 Facts to a Score

I prefer people who are smart, reasonable,confident etc

What would the world be like without them? When I meet people, there are certain traits I look out for. I like it if they are organized, confident and calm.

Shifty and timid people put me off. Confidence opens otherwise closed doors. Being able to carry out tasks efficiently is endearing to bosses. Intuition and common sense are also required to get by in life. 

I am of the opinion that self-respect and the right amount of pride go a long way in defining someone’s  personality. People have a high level of dignity rarely engage in activities that demean them. Most criminals were bullied as children and thus grew up with low self-esteem. Crimes attract attention to them and give them a false sense of control.

It pays off to be rational and make sense of current happenings with an unbiased mind. It is also neccessary to be practical and realistic in all situations. I like to tell others, ‘Be optimistic but not so much as to be unrealistic’. It helps to separate the idyllic nature of dreams from the reality of life.

I’m not even sure these are the only qualities I like to see in people. I however believe that some of us just have them all. This does not mean the rest of us should give up. 

There is always room for character improvement.

20 Facts to a Score

I drink milk. 

Breast- milk was the only form of nourishment in my infancy. I also enjoyed it as a toddler. It took some time for me to outgrow it. But I was all the better for it in my formative years.

In many cultures, milk is a major part of the diet. In English and American families for example, breakfast is not complete without milk and cereal. Milk is added to coffee, tea, cocoa and porridge.

In Nepal, milk is taken with rice. In Arab countries , milk is a common drink and it is called “laban”. In the Prophet’s time, the sick were given milk to drink. 

Here in Nigeria, nomad Fulani milk their cattle. This provides a big portion of the local milk output. Local foods produced from milk include ‘fura de nunu’ and ‘wara’.

Milk is essential for growing children as it is a major source of calcium and Vitamin D which are needed for strong bones and teeth. It also contains protein, vitamins,minerals and some amount of fat.

In my meals, I combine milk with oats, corn pap, bread, tapioca, corn flakes, Golden morn, garri. It is also used in baking.

What saddens me is that, for all the cattle in the Northern Nigerian grasslands, we still import most of our milk. Nigerian children consider dairy foods a luxury as their parents cannot afford it. This is a grim situation one in which the nutrition of the Nigerian child is being jeopardized.

My advice to parents and older siblings: give young children milk instead of fizzy drinks. This they need for physical growth and mental development.

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