I’ve missed my blog

It’s been about three months since i put anything up. Many of you might have wondered whether I had lost the will or my spring of ideas stopped gushing. Well, it was due to none of that. I must say that it hurt not to be able to project my feelings and views about happenings around me. And my, a lot of things have transpired in my own niche of existence, in Nigeria, in health, the lives of women and children and also in  Islam. Let’s just say the globe is revolving at an alarming speed and trying to catch up with it has many times left me breathless.

In addition, the stress of a medic’s life caught up with me. So much schoolwork kept me away from many activities and interests. But now, a balance has been struck and I would henceforth give adequate attention to many other things asides academics.

Internet access has also been a major bane with WordPress for Blackberry acting up big time. WordPress for iPhone provided little succour. The wireless connection on campus has, as expected, been nothing to write home about.

Inspite of these challenges, I want nothing more than to continue this with more zeal than I started off with.

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