Dedicated to a child who, like a meteor passed through this planet in a flash. Like a radiant star, he left an impact greater than that left by people who spent a dozen times more years than he did. To his mother who is a living example of patience and uncommon resilience.

Also to all the world’s children that die before the age of five and their mothers who I respect for their fortitude and courage.

* * * * *

i do not know enough about you

we spent time together only once

even then we couldn’t talk because you were still a baby

my memory of you is so hazy I’m ashamed

Of one thing I’m certain

you are an innocent little child

your life revolved around play and tantrums

you had happy moments when life was hard

all the times you laughed,cried,

sang,prayed,smiled,ate and slept

are gone forever

you fought sickness bravely

so short a life

so sudden an exit

what’s more painful is the fact that

we can’t fathom the cause of your death

our tears,pools of them cannot bring you back

i think of all the times i wasn’t too far away

when i could easily have come to visit

and shared a part of your childhood

not a hug,not a kiss, not a sweet did i give

i doubt if you knew you had a big cousin

who thought a lot about you

all those dreams i had for you

all the hopes i kept alive

have just been evaporated

i can’t believe i will never get to see you again

i never thought anyone could spend such a brief time

one minute you were getting ready for a haircut

the next you were no more

they say it was just a fall

the doctors were themselves helpless

your siblings have been robbed of a kid brother

your friends at school have lost a playmate

your departure has raised a lot of questions

but i’ll be strong and try not to ask them

for i know Allah has a reason for your creation

and He knows best why He took you away

i feel so much for my poor auntie

now that you’ve gone without so much as a goodbye

i can only imagine her grief

what fills me is regret

i never spoke to you

i never bought a chocolate for you

i do not have a photograph of you

i did not teach you A B C or 1 2 3

i do not even know your birthday

i guess its just enough that you are my cousin

i promise you with all sincerity

i will not let your memory fade away

for as long as i draw every precious breath

i will always miss you………..

* * * * *
A year since and it still hurts like yesterday. Taking consolation in the words,”Verily we are from Him and verily, to Him is our return.”

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