TheRamadhanBaby #3-It’s not a Feast….Yet

For too long , we have made this period all about food. But it goes beyond that. 
It is about abstaining from many things of the Dunya and focus on building our Akhirah. For 30 daya, we give little to our bodies and pour into our souls. A time to heal sick hearts, to reevaluate our values and character and build a store to take from for the duration of the next year.

Iftars have become mini-feasts. Some eat so much that they become too weak for Tarawih. Some make sure to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner together at Sahur. This is not encouraged. It is not about engorging ourselves like we are going into hibernation but to eat enough to sustain our strength for Ibaadat.

Sahur should be light, not the type that knocks you out after Fajr and makes you groggy at work. Iftar is a time of gratitude, togetherness, love and sharing not an excuse for gluttony.

It is difficult to shed years of culture but we can always try to infuse the teachings of our Prophet into these beloved traditions.

Remember to eat healthy, and cultivate good eating habits henceforth. Lots and lots of fruits, vegetables, grains,water, nuts,cereals,seafood should be included in your diet. Avoid processed foods, sodas and junk foods as tempting as they can be (note to self!)

In all, let this not be an opportunity to lose or add weight as it has nothing to do with that but another way to fill yourself with goodness.

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