TheRamadhanBaby 6: I’TIKAF MOMENTS

Secluding oneself in the masjid for the last ten days according to the Sunnah is at once a difficult but exhilarating experience. I especially love this time for a lot of its lessons.

-Longer Tarawih
-That sense of a Muslim Ummah
-Being considerate to the needs of others.
-Eating together.
-Caring for the sick.
-Ditching sleep.
-Combining the heightened level of Ibadah with work.
-Long break-back Tahajjud that have you thinking of the Sahaba’s who tied stones to their bellies for stability.
-Leadership and coordinating roles.
-Obeying authority.
-Endless Tilawah

10 nights that are my highlight of the year.

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