“Speak that which is good or otherwise be silent”

A believer is not known for vulgarity. The Iman in his heart is evident in his actions and speech. His role model is the Rasul (SAW) who was known to speak only good words to people. He did not force his opinions on others, shout at them,lie to them, nor argue needlessly with them. He did not abuse people nor did he bore them with long egoistic monologues. His respectful way of addressing people was not dependent on their age or status. The young and the old basked in the beauty of the words he spoke to them.

Good manners and speech were hallmarks of noble upbringing in past cultures. Why should we not revive this? Today we think it is a sign of sophistication to add slangs to our vocabulary regardless of the risk of being uncouth.

It has been shown that giving a command in a calm voice yields more results than yelling. It is about the firmness of the voice and not the volume. Speaking kindly to people will make them more likely to listen to us and understand us. It may not be easy for today’s fast youth but we all have to start from somewhere. Maybe with this we can solve our issues with the older generation.

Lastly, we should remember that Jannah is a place where there will be no false speech nor foul talk. If we truly are working towards this destination, we should be preparing for it starting from our speech.

Lets make it a point of note to be courteous and polite to others. Who knows? We might find it easier to give Dawah.