TheRamadhanBaby #19 TAHAJJUD


Someone once told me, “ You do not really want something unless you ask for it during Tahajjud.”

Forsaking sleep in the early morning to supplicate to Allah is one the signs of a conscious believer. It is aform of sacrifice in which he sacrifices what is dear to him for what is even greater. Imagine the Mercy of Allah , His amazing love for us when He descends to the lowest heavens in the last part of the night to answer those who call on Him at this time. Of course this is asides the constant blessings He grants the creation whether they call on Him or not.

The Prophet (saw) would stand to pray at night for long, giving thanks to and praising His Lord. So also did his wives, companions and all those who have followed their path thence.

Indeed the night is a good time to engage in Nawafil, dhikr, shukr, reciting the Qur’n, and making dua. Most others are asleep and the air is cooler and quieter. There is more concentration and the best part of it is that it is not obligatory. It is not incumbent on the slave to stand and pray at night, it is something he or she does out of their own volition at their convenience. Those who have tasted the sweetness of the serenity Qiyaamul Layl brings to the heart do not like to miss a night even if they would observe only two raka’t.

It also serves as an opportunity to pray Witr and recite the Qunut prayer. It is a goiod time to tell Allah all about your fears, your troubles and your cares. To ask Him to set aright all your affairs, to grant you your wishes, to grant you Jannah etc.

As-Shaytan is pleased when the Muslim sleeps through this period because he know that such a person has lost an opportunity to strengthen his Iman. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to defeat the accursed one every night?

For the busy ones, it is really a struggle but one that is well worth it. It is a great start to the day as you begin with a light heart that carries you till bedtime.
Make it a habit and enjoy a disciplined and well-planned life.