TheRamadhanBaby #28 ONE UMMAH

The Ummah is the body of Muslims including every man,woman and child in every country and in every corner of this earth (Including those in space too mashaAllah).

Isn’t this concept a beautiful one? How wonderful will it be if we were united as we should be? How will the oppressors and enemies have victory over us. What happened to our blazing years of glory? Those periods when we led the fields of politics, science, exploring, transcontinental trade,medicine, thought and the arts?

We were the centre of civilization

This is a call to us all. A message to reverberate in our hearts that all we are facing today was brought upon us when we threw away our gold and looked for trash elsewhere. We abandoned our deen and forfeited the goodness inherent.

It is upon us to teach our children the Quran and to educate them with the knowledge and practice of this deen according to the Sunnah. We will save them from deviant ideologies who destroy them while posing to help them attain salvation. This will help all our brothers and sisters experiencing unimaginable horrors. Allaah is ready to help us if only we could go back to Him.

We must enjoin peace and good relations with people of other faiths while not being so weak as to be oppressed and be persecuted by anyone.

It is by reeducating ourselves, drawing closer to our Lord and living according to the Sunnah that we would strengthen our bond of unity and be saved from all calamity.
We should believe in this dream:

One Ummah, one creed