20 Facts to a Score

I can be bossy at times.

Don’t be surprised , Oumissa is not perfect. She’s got flaws just like every other person.

She’s used to taking responsibility . This is because she grew up with many younger siblings. She ordered them to do things like tidying up the house, doing their assignments and made sure they behaved well. She also had to take care of them whenever their parents were away.

I guess being in a position of authority from a tender age has made her used to calling the shots. Or maybe it’s just a streak from one of her ancestors. The thing is Oumissa naturally assumes she’s the leader in every group. She gives orders that must be followed to the letter.

She therefore likes things being done her way. This of course makes other people angry. How awful!

She loves giving advice and offering solutions. But she’s not satisfied until you take her advice. This is not a good thing as other people have a right to put forward their own ideas. Thus I think she needs to listen more to the opinion of others.

To her credit though, she realizes this fault of hers and is working on improving this aspect of her character. For in the real
world, leaders are listeners while bosses are bullies.