One Woman’s Unbeaten Zeal for Learning – Tara Westover’s Educated

From a Mormon survivalist to a Cambridge Ph.D,the New York Times bestselling author, Tara Westover’s memoir recently won the Goodreads Choice Awards 2018. It is also one of 5 books loved by Bill Gates in 2018. See his full list

Tara’s compelling work pulls us along on a journey of determination, strong will and surmounting challenges in the most incredible transformation to a place so far and different from her background it is almost unrecognizable. It tells the pain of separating from family and ingrained values for what you believe in. An Idaho girl from a Mormon household who never visited a doctor or set foot in a classroom until she was 17 self-taught and continued trudging on the road to Cambridge through Harvard. Read full Goodreads review

It is also interesting to know that Trinity College, Cambridge only started accepting women students about 40 years ago with the first female graduate student in 1976, the first female fellow in 1977 and the first female undergraduate in 1978. The college recently celebrated 40 years of this.

“Ó n ka ìwé bí ení n lo Kémbíríjì” which is Yorùbá for “She reads like one who attends Cambridge.”

Growing up, I often had my head buried in a book and went to school with a heavy backpack filled with notebooks, textbooks and novels I would sneak and read whenever I could get away with it. Adults would say about me,
“Ó n ka ìwé bí ení n lo Kémbíríjì” which is Yorùbá for “She reads like one who attends Cambridge.”
This shows how the prestigious institution has been regarded as the utlimate icon of learning all over the world for generations.

If like mine, your TBR pile is so long, the list makes a book of its own, please share tips on how to add this new book to it and not be crushed under the weight of it all.To the goodwilled people out there, if you want to buy me anything, make it this book thank you.

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