COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #14

Blame Capitalist Globalization not China for Pandemic

Immigrant doctors on the frontline of Britain’s COVID19 amidst Brexit and anti-immigrant affair

Lockdown alone cannot stop spread

Boris Johnson discharged from hospital but not returning to work

Boris Johnson appreciates his carers

False negative affecting testing

Droplets emitted by speaking in experiment published by New England Journal of Medicine

Saliva spray during speech could transmit virus

Google thanks delivery staff for COVID19 efforts

China must pay reparations over COVID19

G7 backs WHO leaving Trump isolated

America’s future             

Every western system was unprepared 

Floridians flock to beach amidst highest COVID19 death toll

Nurses suspended for refusing to treat patients without N95 masks

The Coronavirus Is Mutating. What Does That Mean for a Vaccine?

Reduction in oxygen in lungs causing ‘sudden’ deaths

Refusing to treat where PPE is inadequate   

Back in February, Nigeria’s Ministry of Health blocked from procurement of COVID19 supplies

Coronavirus: Health ministry’s preparation suffers as Presidency blocks procurement

Blame Capitalist Globalization not China for Pandemic

Coronavirus: Germany says its outbreak is ‘under control’

Government ‘ignores’ UK textiles firms desperate to make PPE

WHO and Global Politics

South Korea’s New Coronavirus Twist: Recovered Patients Test Positive Again

How doctors can keep families safe after caring for COVID19 patients

*COVID-19: Doctors and Nurses in the UK have been asked to re-use their gowns or treat patients without the use of PPEs this weekend, as UK hospitals are set to run of PPEs in the next few hours. Fresh supplies will be procured next week.*

Coronavirus destroys the Myth of the Deficit

Africa lockdown

Face mask use  

Face mask advice            


On becoming a #COVID19 survivor and advocate.     

Kidney disease, overlooked aspect of COVID19  

Knowing your limits in a pandemic          

How does the virus kill

Seattle Coronavirus Study           

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