COVID 19 Info Basket- Articles #9

FDA authorizes two-minute antibody testing kit to detect coronavirus     

The Medical News Site That Saw the Coronavirus Coming Months Ago

Dyson designs new ventilator ‘CoVent’ in 10 days after Government orders 10,000 to help tackle coronavirus pandemic   

Rise in depression and anxiety day after UK lockdown announced – study

Saudi Arabia’s clear response to the coronavirus outbreak is in stark contrast to the West ǀ View

How People Move Around in Coronavirus Pandemic

More American Should Probably Wear Face Masks

Choir rehearsals leave members infected and two dead

Century-Old Vaccine Investigated as a Weapon Against Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Spurs a Movement of People Reclaiming Vacant Homes

How the US blew the chance to get a grip

COVID-19 projects looking for volunteers     

What The US Could Learn from Nigeria’s Response to The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

I’ve fought epidemics around the world. Now it’s Canada that must prepare for the worst

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