COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #6


World is going remote


Intubation colleague

Health education on handwashing in Lagos.

Hand sanitizers and soap donation in lagos

Tenant refuse returning landlord entrance.

Lost a friend  


Tracking movement with cell phone signals


James Blunt   

Treating domestic worker well 

Trash bag PPE

Quarantine activities

NCDC clogged by pranksters

Nigerian governors call for health sector investment  

Vent splitter   

NHS Appreciation nationwide clap

Behavioural changes

We are all treating one thing

Atlanta appreciates health workers

Green card for IMGs 

Health care workers move out for their mother  

Brain drain

Reaction to US visa for medical workers

Boris Johnson positive  

Reaction to Boris       

Release patients

Brain drain     

End of life


Kaduna lockdown begins despite having on confirmed case yet  

Fumigation of major bus stops commences in Lagos  

Disinfectant equipment deployed across Lagos  

Lagos deploys makeshift markets in government schools  

Uba to provides $14million worth of relief across Africa  

Confirmed cases rise to 65 in Nigeria

Healthy 21-year-old death

Art response   

ER physician self isolates      

NAF airlifts cargo to Abuja

NIMR free testing

We can win    

The need for marriage

Game of Thrones Impressions  

Man on vent   

Fake news a pandemic  

Cameroon’s leader

Air ambulance response


CEO Slack support for frontline responders

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