COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #5

Nigerian celebrity, Runtown gives donations

Receipt of Runtown’s money     

In darkness admist staying at home

US Navy called in             

Nigerians respond to news of top Government officials testing positive for Coronavirus      

Testing Kits for Coronavius from the Jack ma foundation arrive Nigeria and head to Abuja.

FDA approves its first rapid Coronavirus test

Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus

World renowned Chef dies after testing positive for Coronavirus      

NCDC calls citizen in self isolation

Young people are aware              

Telemedicine regulations changed by a decade in two weeks

Don’t be silly

Nigeria’s Presidents spokesman complains about the coronavirus coverage in a chilling blast from the past            

Family not taking any chances

Nigerian Celeb giving out money     

Refusing isolation, get charged with attempted murder      

Text messaging


Response to racism


Repurposing elephant projects 

Trigeminal neuralgia a new symptom

                Designs for epidemic     

Twin toddlers aware of quarantine 

Imaginary symptoms     

Has a baby in quarantine             

Zimbabwe shortage of vents


Need for more volunteers

Nigeria recalls retired Drs

Chinese New Year           

Screening vs testing       

The drivers and house helps

Nigerians stuck in UK     

Fake tweet



It feels like a decade      

No more racism

Young Nigerians take on celebrities

Nigeria’s political class  

Nigeria Movie awards attendees


Ogun State broadcast classes for primary and secondary pupils      

Stay indoors

What it means to wear PPE         


Chinese virus

Lagos governor closes   

CCHub supports Nigerian entrepreneurs solving for Covid19      

If you get it         

How internet would change the world

EU ‘solidarity’ exposed

Please stay home Londoners      

Police drones used in Brussels   


Citizen reporting


Cuba Drs  helping out Italy

Massive lasagna at Wembley joke  

Mask information backfired       

Not to panic this is the ascent of the curve  


No traffic            

Things to do in quarantine

El Salvador         

Tracking bracelets          

Grim Projection in Nigeria


Need for messaging war room   

Tech says stay home

Nigerians lying to NCDC

Diverting health funds new punishment

Learn to cook

Dr social distancing         

First Lady asks that children be safe


Testing at ports

Angela Merkel negative


Snitch or get it  

Boris assesses UK

UN chief calls for ceasefire 

Hotel self isolation          


Nigerians believe it’s a scam


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