COVID 19 Info Basket- Tweets #4


Govt of Nigeria          





Work from home

Wash your hands

Last time was 9/11     

Commendation to Ogun dr


Muslim burial rites changed

Ya Sir Qadhi urges staying home

Church compliance    

New York spiking

Biometric sigh in risk 

Nigeria’s poor health 

Abroad people

We failed to learn       

Nigerians flouting isolation

Nigerian celeb puts everyone at movie awards at risk  

Lagos hotlines overwhelmed 

Ban gatherings task force

To make it relatable   


Former minister of Nigeria conspiracy theorist

Lagos Shuts public offices    

Victim of fake news in Nigeria 

Social distancing and reporting

Graduation postponed

Superhero stay home 

Community spirit Edinburg

Nigerian actress observed self isolation

Parents eat with quarantined child from the hallway  

Young man battling pneumonia

Weather is gone         

Economics of a vaccine

Quarantine routine

What doctors really need


Mental illness

Stop covid      

Interview with hand sanitizer 

Twitter is kinder

Italian health workers Not counting the dead anymore  

Fatal Community acquired infection

IDP camps      

Italy Hospitals overwhelmed 

Muslims who went to Jumah anyway

Impact of fake news

Payments company Pagatech does its part

Muslim perspective on common sense 

What to do if you get it


PPE procurement

Want to speak to viral manager


Nigeria’s curve          

Panic buying

Not complying           

Help to NHS retired doctors being Called back  


Lagos Flights cancelled         

Why we need to massively broadcast

Library shut



Chloroquine frenzy

Empty shelves



Retired nurses


Quarantine and TV (Parks and Recreation reference)  

Social ban

Lagos index case tests negative

Bravery of medical staff

Too broke to stock up

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