Ace Your Pros – For Syncytium’17

It is close yet it feels like there is so much to read. So much more information to memorize.Some of you are more than ready, confident in the distinctions you will get. Others might still be very jittery.

Whether you are in the former group or the latter, please face this exam with all the valour you have. It is a battle and you are ready. Know that you can win this. Remember that worry ends where faith begins.

The pressure of every year spent in formal education weighs down on all of you right now. But you can overcome it and get that prestigious MB;BS/BDS degree.

Trust your choices, your work and your potential. You can and will succeed. Don’t doubt yourself or your answers starting from tomorrow. If you need last minute help, go get it.

Rest if you can because your predecessors know only too well how every second of sleep suddenly seems like a luxury. The next two weeks will be grueling but think of them as the furnace your ore must be refined by to become gold.

Bear it, endure it and come out the other side victorious. You will be medical doctors, dentists and surgeons of distinction.

I wish you all the very best and can’t wait for your induction into this profession.

Congratulations in advance to the doctors-to-be.

BarakAllah fikum!



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