Hoda Katebi’s Poise- full Clapback

Knowledge will always set you apart from the rest.

Many clamour for the ‘liberation’ of Muslim women. But when they see one who is confident in her brains and ideas, they try to bring her back down.

Muslim fashion blogger, Hoda Katebi was being interviewed on live TV to talk about her work. Out of the blues, the anchors ask her about nuclear weapons like that was related to fashion.

Watch full video here

She deftly answered them with more brains than they could handle. Her poise,calm and intelligence shone through and made many proud. They even go so far as to say she sounds un-American for speaking the factual truth about US history and military activities in the Middle East.

She responds with , “That’s because I’ve read.”

Watch the AJ Plus interview with her afterwards.

Update: one of the anchors has since apologized according to a tweet by Hoda. I sincerely hope this provides an opportunity to break down prejudicial narratives towards women like Ms Katebi.





15 Feb 2018

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