Clean Water and Land

I used to really enjoy car rides over the different bridges linking Lagos mainland to the island. Looking at the vast expanse that adults said led to Benin, Togo ; even London and America of water calmed and amazed me. The purity, the endless grey that met the sky somewhere beyond where my eyes could see kept me in awe. That was back when most products were packed in glass bottles or paper and other recyclable materials. My more recent trips over the bridge and moreso to a couple of beaches have wiped that pristine view of my childhood. Plastic bottles, product nylon wrappers and all sort of debris now litter our waterways. The beaches are slightly better off as they employ cleaners to constantly rake the dirt that settle there. Tourists get the short end of the stick as this dampens their experience and of course they have to pay for this increased cost of maintenance. All hope isn’t lost however as good natured Nigerians- keen on being the change and not sitting on the fence complaining- have come up with ways to tackle the massive pollution if our environment. Kids4Clean Seas Foundation and The Nigerian Child Initiative, two NGOs have been organizing beach cleaning exercises. And of course encouraging the young ones to imbibe a good attitude towards our environment. It is really concerted and consistent efforts no matter how little that make the greatest effect. Join them tomorrow at the Kids Beach Garden tomorrow January 27th at 7am to do your part towards making a difference and of course Sustainable Development Goals 14 and 15. If like me,you didn’t know all of them before, now is a good time to check them all out and find out how you can make them achievable. -Oumissa 11.50pm 26 January 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

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