​TheRamadhanBaby #2-Eyes on the Prize

By now, many have forged some form of routine. Please include one good deed at least that you want to continue doing everyday. And one bad deed to stop forever.(in shaa Allah)

Draw up your plan. It could be via the My Awesome Ramadan planner by @deenloveworld or any framework you come up with. Make sure your targets  are easy for you to accomplish and increase them a little everyday. Plan your Salah, Nawafil,Quran recitation , dua list, adhkar (phrases or Allah’s remembrance), learning about Islam from authentic sources, attending lectures and programmes, acts of charity around daily activities. This would help you get through each day of this journey. Reminding others is a good way of keeping yourself on your toes.

Lastly, do not belittle any deed. Even a smile is Sadaqah. A seemingly bad deed can do so much damage to yourself and others. Good deeds don’t have to be big and scary .It would be lovely if they are consistent. You never know the one that would stand out and take you to Jannah.

May Allah accept this from you and I.

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