The Ramadhan Baby : Marhaba

Welcome o Month of Goodness

Starting this year’s series with a poem by a guest writer

Ramadan Moments

Ramadan will start pretty soon

When the first eyes sight the new moon

Muslims the world over

Are expectant as the month draws closer

We supress our thirst and hunger

For the worship of the One who is greater

I really can’t wait for your arrival

And your beautiful moments’ revival

Sahur and iftar- the meals I can’t resist

Taraweeh -now begins the battle of the fist

Tahajjud-Nawafil and heartfelt supplications

More kindness and charity-are indications

Of Ramadan’s majestic grace

That draws the best in us to the surface

I’ve got to savour this month’s nuggets

Because this will be my best Ramadan yet

Insha’ Allah.


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