TheRamadhanBaby 1437: FINALE


It was indeed an eventful Ramadhan with blessings on one hand and reminders of the finite nature of our stay on this earth on the other.

I am glad that just as the Ummah commenced the month of Siyaam together,it celebrated Eid together.

Some of my lessons for Eid are:
-Make children a big part of Ibaadat, carry them along with all acts of worship, each them good character, fight their cause, keep them wise but protect their innocence. Above all, let’s all be kind to them. They are the future.

-Treat women as equals in humanity

-Value the gift of family.

-Cherish all those who love you and forgive those you think do not.

-Patience, self-control, increased spirituality, keeping at set goals.

-Living Ramadhan all year round.

-Praying for peace on earth. Praying that evil perpetrators of violence in our Rabb’s name are exposed and overcome. It is hoped that they find forgiveness and the hatred in their heart give way to mercy and compassion.

I ask Allah to give succour to the families of those who lost their lives or were injured in the terror attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Baghdad, Madinah etc
Same goes to those under ongoing crisis in Syria, Palestine, Myanmar, all those forced to flee and those who are trapped.

I ask Allah to grant the souls of the deceased Jannatul Firdaus and help us all to live in peaceful coexistence.

EID MUBARAK! Taqabalallah mina wa minkum!

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