By now many have achieved their recitation targets.
Indeed there lies a reward for every letter enunciated. How generous is the One we worship!
In addition to recitation, trying to understand the meaning and pondering over the Ayat will help to register the message inherent in this Glorious Book.
Reflect on life,death, the hereafter and how to make this world a better place. One is whose heart the Qur’an’s light shines will have a character so beautiful that it will put mongers of hate in whatever hue or creed to shame.

Memorization of Ayahs and then Surahs is another way to stay connected to your Lord. He sees every struggle and setback on the way and will make it easy for you.

But for those with busy schedules, even completing it once can be an ardous task especially when your superiors and co-workers do not understand what Ramadhan entails. It can be overwhelming and almost impossible some days but do not stop trying. Keep doing the best you can and say Sunnah supplications where and when you can’t have quiet time with the Mushaf .

Give your best at the daily Salawat, Tarawih, Tahajjud, Sadaqa. Basically any deed you can get!
I pray Allah makes it easy for all brothers and sisters working on the frontlines in all disciplines.

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