TheRamadhanBaby 3: KINDNESS

One of the best things about Ramadhan is the surplus of food. this is not exactly due to increase in supply or a verdant economy. Rather it is associated with an almost compulsive urge we all have to share everything and anything.
You find people willing to share an orange, a date, a slice of bread.

How amazing would life be if more of us continued this spirit afterwards. It is upon us to share Islam with the world through its virtues. One of which is kindness.

Our Prophet SAW was the kindest to his household, companions and strangers. This is part of his Sunnah we should embody.

Give to the needy, give to your friend
Give to the one who asks and the one who doesn’t.
Give to the old, give to children
Give to the man, give to the woman
Give food, money, advice, aid
Even if you are poor,
Give a kind word, give a smile.
Every little deed of kindness is Sadaqah
Give of yourself and do not turn those who have come to you for help without at least trying to alleviate their suffering.
Keep the giving cycle alive. For Allah has mercy on those who show mercy to others.

Those who inspire me include-
#RamadanTentProject , the various aid organizations in war torn countries, helping refugees and risking their own lives to help others, the MSF, Red Cross and Crescent, all aid workers and volunteers working with those fleeing or enduring war, disease, natural disasters, occupation and harsh regimes.

May you all find help when and where you need it.

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