TheRamadhanBaby #26 DROP A HABIT

Ramadhan is bidding us farewell. We all had great plans and in shaa Allah we were able to achieve some of them. It is imperative that we take something away from this month.

Imagine a person who fasted for 30 days restraining himself against his desires and working to gain self discipline. Yet after the month passes by he goes back to his old ways. Has this person gained from Ramadhan in any way?

The whole purpose of rejuvenating the soul is lost if we can not observe positive changes after Eid.

The journey to becoming an ideal Muslim starts with small steps.

It could be laxity towards Salah, saying foul words, being rude, lying, being dirty and lazy. We all know the not-so-palatable aspects of our petsonality. Pick one of them today and promise yourself that you will not go back to it ever.

Drop a bad habit today.


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