TheRamadhanBaby #17 ENCOURAGE A MUSLIM


Too often we view those who suddenly appear and act as Muslims in this month as pretenders while fully expecting them to lapse after Eid. How many times have we stopped to get closer to them and seek the true cause of their laxity for the most part of the year? Do we show them that they are our brothers and sisters too?

Do we let them know that even if they do not wear the hijab or pray regularly at the mosque right now; with a little faith, they can grow. Have we ever told them about Allah (SWT)’s promise of forgiveness if they sincerely repent and start a new life?

If only we could reflect more about the stories of righteous people who ended up losing their deen and those who were the worst of people before becoming righteous. All we have to do is take a look at the life of Umar (ra), an ardent enemy of Islam who Allah made the second Khalifa. What a beautiful transformation! Or we may be more familiar with the history of Shaytan (Iblees) who was a servant of Allah until pride and arrogance took the better of him. This led to his being condemned to ignominy forever.

No condition, they say, is permanent.

If we think this sister is giving attitude, ask Allah for patience to deal kindly with her. Talk to her gently, learn about her, give her good books to read. Sometimes we realize that if we just come down from our high horse and give some of the so-called ‘Ramadhan Muslims’ a smile, we open a channel of friendship and discover their struggles are really no different from ours. They may have a thing or two to teach us.

Let us stop judging (leave that to Allah alone!) and hope that these people will improve. We must remember that we did not get here by our might. We are at constant risk of slipping too. If we truly are sincere about their deen, we would call them aside to advise and assist them. We would not disgrace them under the guise of ‘correcting’ them.

Guide someone towards a practising Muslim lifestyle.

Encourage a Muslim today

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