TheRamadhanBaby #16 QUIZ


1. When and where was the Qur’an first revealed?

2. Fasting is the………..pillar of Islam.

3. Who was the first person to accept Islam?

4. When and where did the battle of Badr take place?

5. Who first hosted the Prophet when he arrived at Madinah?

6. State the verse that commands fasting. (now this is a giveaway)

7. Ramadhan is the …….. month of the Hijr calendar?

8. Who was the first martyr in Islam?

9. Al-Qadr is the ……..Surah in the Holy Qur’an?

10. Those who fast sincerely will enter Jannah through what gate?

* * * *

High scores earn you a little prize!

Try this quiz and let’s see how much you know about your Deen!

2 thoughts on “TheRamadhanBaby #16 QUIZ

  1. 1. Cave Hira. when he was 40yrs.
    2. 3rd
    3. Khadija
    4. Makkah.
    5. King of Abysinnia
    6. somewhere in Baqarah
    7. 9th
    8. Summayah
    9. 97
    10. dunno.


  2. 1.cave hira, makkah in 610 AD
    4.2nd year of hijra at d well of badr
    5.Abu ayyub Al Ansari
    6.Baqarah,ayah 183
    8.summayah(umm Ammar ibn Yasir)


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