They go into overdrive
They cook and clean more
They have more mouths to cater for
They carry heavier bags of groceries

They wake up earlier to prepare Sahur
They are busy with Iftar hours in advance
And have to balance domestic chores with the musallah
They struggle with their Qira’a and Tahajjud

They have to keep up the fasting even during the exemption
They are swamped on Eid
They push their needs to the backburner
They ensure the children and the old are carried along

They give to charity
They strive to please their Lord
They join the race towards good deeds with heavy backpacks
They are strong even when they are weak
They work hard
They fail sometimes

But they continue on the journey
They give to charity
They strive to please their Lord
They bear all this and still look forward to another Ramadhan
* * * *
Women in many countries handle more stress during this Ramadhan caring for husbands,children, parents, siblings, relatives, neighbours and friends. Their love and support help the people around them get through the month. If you have one in your life this Ramadhan, take time out to appreciate them. Make them feel special and find time to give them a treat.
You can assist them with their work and be kind. This also goes to all the men and children that double in this capacity and take on extra roles in the home and society.
I am taking the first step by saying Jazakillah khayran to those who have made this year’s Saum great so far:
-Umm Mus’ab
-Umm Armaan
-Umm Talhah

and everyone else who has been kind to me.

May Allah bless you all with the best of this world and the next.

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