TheRamadhanBaby #11 THE SECOND THIRD


Alhamdulillah. This is a wake-up call for those of us that haven’t got our bearing yet. Do not despair dear brother and sister. There is still a good chance you can get the best of this month.

Go back to your drawing board, make your plan simpler and fill it with small but consistent deeds. These are beloved to Allah. Slow and steady they say wins the race.

If you are a surgeon for example with late hours and almost no inkling of time passing, you can still listen to the Quran, engage in more dhikr and you might even get more you-time for reflection!

It’s all about modifying your schedule to still get the best of Ramadhan. Like I always say, you never know if this is your last.

It is up to us all to maximize this opportunity and be as resourceful as possible. My thoughts go especially to the following:

*girls and women who serve their families as mothers, wives, daughters, servants etc who do not get enough time to perform Ibadat. Have a good intention while you are at it and in shaa Allah, you would be rewarded for this too.

*Students who always have it rough. all I would say is, “Do your best”. May Allah make it easy for you and help you succeed.

*Workers in all forms of fasting-unfriendly workplaces

*pregnant women, nursing mothers,travellers,sick people and all those who wish they were fasting. Allah sees your heart and will ease your discomfort.

*prisoners who have been wrongfully accused. The One who saved Yusuf(AS) will help you too. Keep being strong. If you think you got what you deserved, make sincere repentance and pray that Allah reforms you.

*All the members of this Ummah in occupied lands,remember the suffering of the early Muslims. Your strength is immeasurable, we all are inspired by your Iman. May Allah ease your pain and provide succour to you.

May we all attain Jannah and enter it by the gates of ArRayyan.

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