TheRamadhanBaby #12 PATIENCE


This is one virtue that our generation seems to have lost irrevocably. Be it on bus lines, at traffic lights, at all queues, in our relationships with people and even with our Creator, we can not tolerate any delay beyond two seconds.

We have been so blinded by technology that we fail to see the beauty of life unfolding all around us. Have we forgotten the stories of the Prophet and his companions? How they bore persecution and strove with their sweat, blood and sometimes their very lives to establish this deen, that which we practise till this very day.

How about that displayed by all oppressed people in the world that still hope for succour decades after their suffering started?

The believer must work towards patience in all situations. Accepting successes calmly, bearing bad circumstances with a smile, restraining ourselves from anger, avoiding incessant complaining, and generally reminding himself that others have it worse.

Take a look at the life of the Rasul. How did he act through the persecution from the Quraysh, the rejection of people like those of Taif, losing his beloved wife and uncle, being chased out of his home and land of birth, losing all his children except Fatimah? He bore these and more with perseverance and prayed to his Lord instead of complaining. He encouraged the people around him to emulate this and we can see how rich their lives became.

What about Ibrahim and Ismail? When the father was asked to sacrifice his son, they were patient and trusted in Allah. Among the fruits of their story is Eid-ul-Adha and the stoning of Jamarat we do at Hajj today. Such exemplary lives! We can not even begin to compare our lives with these.

You must try your utmost fone patient:

*when others seem to be getting what you want
*when nothing seems to be going your way
*when people provoke you
*when you are wronged
*when you are in a difficult situation
*when it seems you are carrying the cares of the world

With patience, you will succeed as it prevents you from acting irrationally. In every situation, trust that your Lord, the Best of Planners knows what’s best for you. For verily Allah is with the patient.

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