TheRamadhanBaby #9 TIME MANAGEMENT


Hmm, this is a tough one. I, like many others find it a daily struggle. How does one add the work of Ramadhan to everyday rigours? From a moral point of view, this post should be left for the highly qualifies- those who have succeeded at running their schedules as opposed to their schedules running them.

One concept must be noted here. the inherent rewards in Ramadhan can not be attained if one does not strike a sort of balance. Moreso if one does not have the luxury of a holiday.

You must be ready to cut back on sleep. Coupled with the obvious reduction in food intake, (I am not including the Ramadhan binge eaters here) energy must then be sourced from another store-the mind.

It is the strength of will and dedication that will help you live a productive life in this month and beyond. Below are some helpful tips:

* Plan the day around the five daily Salat

*Avoid all vain useless talk. Ask yourself,”Is this gist worth it?” You would be protecting yourself from sin too!

*Plan your shopping trips well. Time spent in the markets and malls can be used for extra recitation of the Quran.

*Try to cut back on post-Fajr sleep. These innocuous naps can extend till Dhuhr. You therefore miss the benefits of Duha and risk denigrating the essence of your fast.

*Have a written plan of your day and cut out all time-wasting activities(you know best what these are)

*Set realistic and self-suited goals. A busy medic may not recite as much as one whose leave falls within this period. Such a person may engage in more dhikr instead

*Resolve to continue with this after Ramadhan.

*Take the Prophet as an example for our daily lives. He was a very organized person who did nothing without a purpose

If only you could strive harder, you would find that twenty four hours is really enough. We just have to plan and plan and then be strong enough to follow through with it. This way, the daily routine of Tahajjud, Sahur, Fajr, work,Salah, Tafsir, Quran, Nawafil, Visitations,Iftar, Tarawih, and even Laylatul Qadr will be more achievable. Our spirits will then be lighter as there will be less regrets post-Eid.

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