TheRamadhanBaby #8 FORGIVENESS


It is a thing of joy to know that at the end of this month, your sins will be forgiven by Allah the Forgiver. Many devote a certain part of the day to saying endless ‘Astaghfirullah’ in hopes of getting a clean slate. This is part of the Mercy of Allah.

What is often ignored is that while we are so hopeful of our repentance being accepted by Allah, we do not extend this courtesy to those around us. The nerve! No matter how big we perceive the wrongs of others towards us, the gravity can’t be compared with that of transgressing the bounds of Allah.

And while we feel entitled to constant good treatment from others we have placed ourselves on an impossible pedestal. For Allah knows that many of His creation will disobey Him even though He is most deserving of their obeisance at all times Yet He forgives those who seek repentance and even those who don’t!

Why then do we hold grudges? Why don’t we let things go? Little do we realize that when we try forgiving, we really are doing our own selves a favour. The pain eases faster and then we can move on. Let’s not put the keys to our happiness in the hands of others. Else they will control our feelings and reactions.
We must seek forgiveness with renewed sincerity. make a resolve to avoid committing sins and have hope that our repentance will be accepted by Allah. Doing good deeds, offering two rakat for this purpose, performing Wudu’ properly, giving to charity; are some of the numerous ways we can achieve this.

May Allah cleanse us of our sins as the white cloth is cleansed of stai

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