Every year we all have hopes of achieving great feats in our Deen. Unfortunately however, many do not come close to doing so. The disappointment that ensues is so intense that it tends to overwhelm us.

How do we reverse this endless trend of failure and regret? It’s simple really.

The SMART acronym is useful in this regard.
Specific- your goal should be clear cut so you have a focus. write it down if you will. it helps!

Measurable- this is good to assess progress made so far and how much more you need to work. A sister could give herself a target of completing one Juz per day for example.

Attainable- Do not overburden yourself. Why? even your Lord does not place a burden on you more than you can bear. it may look small but completion and continuity after Ramadhaan is what brings immense joy. You have to know your limits and work within them.

Realistic- this speaks for itself. High-faluting plans bordering on fantasy end up nowhere. You have to be ready to commit to see your goal through.

Timely- There arfe certain things that must be finished by Eid. Completion of Quran, finishing a Deen literature etc are bound by Ramadhan. Others like character improvement, Sadaqah, Dhikr, punctuality in Salah have to worked upon in this month but will continue afterwards as this is a true test of sincerity.

So whether we plan to complete the Quran one or more times, engage in more Dhikr, give more to charity, learn and memorize Surahs, refine our character, eschew a couple of bad habits forever or even just maintain the five daily Salah, the important thing to note is that Allah loves the small deeds that are consistent.

Don’t push yourself over the edge. Make dua to Allah to make it easy and work towards it step-by-step.

May Allah help us perform deeds that will bring us nearer to Amin.

* * * *

So what goals have you set out for yourself this Ramadhaan?

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