Her strange aura sets you at ease
Whether it is Maryam, Adeola or Maryama
You are left puzzled at what kinda being she is

No fragrance
Her essence defies presence
With a magnitude so hugely dense
You can hardly make an explainable sense

No touch
To her you connect
Beyond reach
Her effects glowingly reflect

You realise, what touches you more
Is her essence
What you value more
Is her presence

A woman of uncommon substance
You bet she’s also of principles
But at that, she’s got a smile for everyone at every instance
She got eyes that give you that sparkle

To describe her best
You’d find words endless
From Noble, Reliable and Honest
To Strong, Different and Relentless

The love she gives 
Would beat yours hands down
The life she lives
Is hardly for her alone

What’s more amazing
Is that of all that seem so obvious
She finds least pleasing
Preferring to stay humble and oblivious
Truth is, between me and her
There’s no other friendship more genuine
Infact, I become yOumissher
When she’s not in the scene


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