20 Facts to a Score

I hate lies.

It has become a widely accepted norm to lie with impunity. The lies I detest the most are the totally unnecessary ones.

You are in a Lagos-Oshodi bus and the person beside you says to someone over the phone, “Yes, I’m in Abuja right now”. I feel disgust each one of the many times this happens.

Sometimes people lie to cover up some bad thing they have done. My question is, “Why did you do it in the first place?” Don’t you know that you would need a bagful of lies to cover your tracks?

Lies wreck marriages, destroy families, erode trust, devalue integrity and cause terrible wars.

We learnt in religious class that lying is a sin. We teach our young children the same and then we lie to our friends, classmates or co-workers.Doesn’t the saying, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ ring a bell anymore?

I know how difficult it is to stick to the truth especially when we stand to lose something important.
Yet we all must try to be as truthful as we can. The world can do with a lot less deceit.

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