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Well…how do y’all ‘bloggists’ start? :s

Er…okay ‘blog’ by anonymous; sounds cool right

Anyways lemme get on with it… This is totally random. Imma be writing as it comes so bear with the ‘cool story’. J

I’m  gonna be writing a story of one person with split personalities (yup. They exist).

I have names for both personalities; Larry ❤ :*  and Wake.

To be honest, I don’t believe the whole split personality business .I just believe personality 1 was all a farce. When u’re done, kindly lemme know what you think J (please don’t sleep)

I met Miss Split Personalities in 2010 and it was love at first sight 😀 (I swear I’m straight)….the kinda music she was listening to gave me

Impression 1;  that bitch weird (+300 cool points. I love weirdos) and I’m like ‘you listen to this nigga?’ I can’t remember her reply but it made me laugh!

Impression 2; she’s funny! (head over heels already). She was really nice and friendly and I was determined to make her a good friend (I practically famzed her… smh). After some 2/3 weeks she fell ill and I kinda helped, then we started getting close. 😀 😀 (pause! What does random mean again?)

We started gisting a lot and doing things together a lot and it was really romantic. 😀 (I’m straight se!) I loved my new friend. We had our first fight in late april 2010 (2wks after she made her braids) can’t remember the cause and we didn’t talk till the day she finally took off her braids (after  2 and half months..smh). I had to talk to her first! Kmt. Proud bitch. We got closer after this and we started telling each other EVERYTHING ( 2 innocent children, no bfs invoved. this was easy). She knew my passwords sef so what was I hiding?

 Then my birthday came and she got me the BEST  BIRTHDAY GIFT ever!  It made me understand what a ‘birthday gift’ actually is…. It is about the thought behind it and nothing else. She listened to me go on and on about how I wanted to get something so bad with just a smile on her face and gave it to me 12midnight on my birthday (freakin romantic right? okay am I straight?:s)

Sha sha , the session ended and we were given a very long break and she had to travel and everything>L…it was really sad. Communication wasn’t fresh as calling was a tad too expensive and her internet time was REALLY limited. But it still didn’t break us, she came back January 2011 and everything went back to normal.

February had us in school fighting stress and everything. In between it all lari ❤ :* had a boyfriend and became a twitter addict. it  was still cool and everything till some time in may/june. My friend became really moody and …… I really don’t know the word sorry. I found myself having to adjust to her mood swings and it just wasn’t fresh. I took my time to find out what exactly triggers this mood swings and I realized anytime her boyfriend passes some funny comments or does something funny on twitter, I get to bear the consequences. :(. it continued like this and somewhere……sometime….somehow along the line, my lari ❤ :*disappeared.


Wake came into my life. More sarcastic than funny, very judgemental , very condemning, secretive in a funny way and yeah still weird. Weird in this context meaning I just couldn’t place her. The sweetness in the beginning was nowhere to be found (pseudo). i Know I got y’all lost here but to be honest I do not know how personality 1 became personality 2. Our friendship became surface and somehow later, non-existent. we  sit down to talk about food, movies, things you’ll talk about with someone you meet at the airport. Private gists were awkward. And the one time I tried to confide in Wake….you really don’t wanna know what happened after. She’d never defend you when people are talking trash about you outside. I tried really hard to figure out what the problem was and this was what I came up with;

  1. Twitter- she has a lot of friends and there, she probably thought ‘having more online friends is better she can go to hell. J’ L
  2. Her boyfriend- I don’t think he really liked me. We kinda went back to being good after their break up till…..never mind
  3. She is a pretender. Pulled off an act for about a year and is now being herself.
  4. A case of ‘friend of all, friend to none’. I think there should be a difference between friends and close friends.
  5. Maybe my time expired.

Whatever it is sha it was really cool having lari ❤ :* in my life even though it was for a very short period.


Y’all can take off your winter coats now,

I’m done. 😀





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